PVC Fences: What to Look For

Manufacturing technology has led to the introduction of revolutionary construction material. The inception and use of plastic recycling concepts have particularly led to the development of synthetic fencing material, popularly known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC construction materials are particularly gaining pace in the market today as most contractors and homeowners prefer using the material for various purposes, including fencing.

Research and evaluation have shown that PVC fences have a better general aesthetic appearance and are easy to install as compared to conventional wood-based fences. Their purchase, installation, and maintenance costs are also relatively low. They have thus become some of the most appropriate fencing options in the market today.  When looking to install an appropriate PVC fencing, there are certain factors to consider ensuring that one gets a good deal that would suit the intended purpose.

Thickness of the Wall

When looking for a good PVC fencing, the thickness of the material utilized thereof is of significance as it determines the strength of the wall itself. The thickness is dependent on the quality and quantity of PVC material utilized in molding the fence. A thin PVC fencing material is an indication that the fence would be weak and would not withstand any substantial force.


A good PVC fencing should contain sufficient reinforcement for added durability and sturdiness. Such reinforcement can come in the form of thickened ribbing at regular intervals along the fence. Sometimes, for additional strength, appropriate galvanized steel reinforcements may need to be installed within the PVC in order to prevent the fence from sagging or twisting especially during harsh weather or due to additional weight.


In most cases, the design of the PVC fencing varies depending on customer specifications or even the company’s desires of product variability. Many pvc fencing carlisle pa companies normally have different designs for different types of fences, each of which has its own specifications regarding strength and levels of privacy. The design of each of the fences that PVC manufacturing companies usually implement varies with the fortifications utilized. Fences that are designed to ensure privacy and total visual exclusion are normally designed with more material and are thus less prone to damage.


PVC fencing manufacturing companies usually provide their products with an appropriate warranty that varies from months to years. The duration of the warranty is normally an indication of the confidence that the manufacturer has upon its product. A longer warranty period would be the best option to go for since the owner would have the confidence of getting a replacement in case the PVC fencing does not live up to the expectations.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

When choosing appropriate PVC fencing, it is also important to consider the reputation of the manufacturer. Manufacturers who have provided PVC fencing for other customers before are generally deemed to be well experienced enough of the market specifications when it comes to manufacturing fences. When seeking the reputation of a particular PVC manufacturing company, product and company reviews available on online platforms such as the Better Business Bureau would help one land in a good deal.