Bed Bugs Provide a Big Problem in a Small Package

Calling someone a bug or a pest is an insult. And one of the reasons it’s so insulting comes from an implication of pettiness. Calling someone feral or bestial is just as much an insult. But it carries a tone of respect with it. If we call someone a beast it implies that we’re aware of the person’s strength. We don’t like them, just as we don’t like a pest. But we feel we can deal with a pest. Whereas we don’t feel that we could deal with something feral or bestial.

But there’s a certain irony in how this plays out once we move beyond metaphor. Because in reality pest control is far more difficult than dealing with a single angry animal. A coyote or bobcat wandering around your neighborhood is something that people need to deal with. But it’s not something that has a very good chance of destroying someone’s home life. Whereas something as small as a bedbug can.

And in fact, bed bugs are among the biggest threats to one’s home that anyone is likely to encounter. In fact, these little bugs proved themselves tougher than the dinosaurs. They date back over 100 million years ago. And while there’s debate on what killed the dinosaurs, we now know one thing for a fact. Whatever took out the dinosaurs wasn’t tough enough to match the mighty bedbug.

All of that acts as prelude to a rather difficult situation for modern man. If the dinosaurs couldn’t stand up to a bedbug than what chance do, we have? The answer comes down to the question of what we mean when we speak of ourselves. We, as individuals, probably can’t do much. In general, few of us are going to be able to stand up to an enemy we can’t even see. We can certainly feel that crawling sensation of a bedbug on our skin. But being able to catch them in the act is another thing entirely.

Not that catching a bedbug would do us much good. Part of what makes bedbugs, so horrifying is their sheer numbers. Thousands upon thousands of them can lurk in a single piece of furniture. And taking out hundreds would hardly make a dent. Let alone a singular example that we might be able to kill as it crawls on us. But thankfully, we don’t really need to either.

There aren’t just experts out there who can fight off the bed bugs. These experts even bring local specialization to the battle. You can start a search online by looking for any  bed bug control des moines ia company.  Bugs of all kinds tend to adapt to the environment. And the bedbugs there, or anywhere else, are no exception to that rule.

But when you go with a local option than you’re going with people who know what changes to expect. They know how the bedbugs have adapted to your environment. And they’re not likely to fall into the traps that someone from another area might. The local options know which insecticides will work, which bed bugs might be immune to now and just what options are preferred for any given season.